Anti-Inflammatory Parsley and Pomegranate Mask

Perfect for acne-prone skin, this simple DIY mask can help to 

absorb excess oils and unplug blocked pores. Parsley contains high levels of vitamins A, C, and K, which can help reduce redness of skin, balance oil production and prevent pigmentation. 

What you need

6-7 sprigs of Organic Parsley

2 teaspoons of Pomegranate Vinegar

1 tablespoon of Raw honey/Maple Syrup (vegan option!)

Blender (You can use a Mortar & Pestle or anything that can chop up the parsley finely)

Clean bowl & Mask brush

Optional: 1 drop of organic Lavender Essential Oil 

The making

1) Chop up/pound the parsley up into fine bits or blend it in a blender

2) Pour the parsley into the bowl and add the vinegar and honey/maple syrup. Add 1 drop of essential oil and mix well again.

3) With your mask brush, blend it till well mixed and apply directly onto your cleansed face. 

4) Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off. 

Repeat the mask once a week for a clear and well balanced complexion. 

The ingredients

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Pomegranate Vinegar

Mask brush

Lavender Essential Oil