Soap nuts + Olive Oil Laundry detergent

Looking for an effective and affordable natural laundry detergent that is safe for sensitive skin? You can now make your own in a few simple steps! This recipe is suitable for washing all types of fabrics, including delicates and baby laundry. This recipe makes 1 litre of laundry detergent and can be used for both hand wash and machine washing.

This recipe makes 1 litre of laundry detergent.

Total cost of recipe:

With Essential Oils $4.25

Without Essential Oils S$2.75

What you will need

250ml basic soap nut liquid 0.5

750ml boiling water

20g Marseille soap flakes 1.5

2 tablespoons Baking soda 0.75

30-60 drops Essential oils (optional)

the making

a) Melt the soap flakes with the boiling water and stir till all the flakes have been dissolved.

b) Add in the soap nut liquid and stir again

c) Once the liquid has cooled, add in essential oils and decant into a glass bottle.

Recommended essential oils: Peppermint, Tea Tree or Eucalyptus.

the ingredients

Organic Soap nuts

Marseille Soap Flakes

Baking Soda

Organic Eucalyptus essential oil 

Organic Peppermint essential oil 

Organic Tea Tree essential oil