3 infused water recipes for glowing skin and health

Apart from taking pretty photos for pinterest or Instagram, infusing your waters do provide you with awesome health and beauty benefits. We discuss why this is not just a hype and provide you with some recipes to try out at home. Let’s go!

sliced kiwi fruit


1)      Infusing water makes water sexy

For those of you who do not like to drink water, it is usually because it is well, plain water. How can that ever compare to your favourite cheese tea? By infusing your waters with interesting flavours, you will be more likely to voluntarily reach for that bottle, especially if it includes vibrant flavours and colours from fruits and veggies. It sure offers a zero-to-low calorie swap from your next flavoured beverage!

2)      Helps to hydrate your body better

Your body needs minerals known as electrolytes to absorb, retain and deliver fluids efficiently to your cells. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to infuse citrus fruits and cucumbers that are naturally rich in electrolytes.  We have a few recipes below for you to try out!

To summarise, some of the major electrolytes are:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium

Sodium can be attained from mineral rich salts. While too much salt is bad for you, a pinch in your infused water can actually be beneficial for maintaining your hydration levels!

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3)      Helping with weight loss

Because it is made by infusing flavour, rather than juicing or blending, infused water contains very few calories. In this study conducted by a group of Nutritional Professors in the US, it was found that drinking water before a meal reduced calorie consumption by 13%. And before you ask, no you don’t need to necessarily drink fruit infused water to get this benefit.  However, if the flavor of infused water helps to increase the appeal of drinking more water, then you can count on feeling full faster.

4)      Achieve clearer skin

When you are dehydrated, it shows on your complexion. And if you boost your water intake with natural infusions, it will improve general blood circulation and detoxification.

So to help you drink more water, we’ve got three refreshing recipes to have you sipping away all day long! Plus, all these recipes contain other beauty-boosting ingredients so you can ditch the sugary drinks for these delicious healthy concoctions. Take note to use organically grown ingredients because you don’t want any remnant pesticides or chemicals lingering in your infusions!


Vitamin C Cocktail

strawberry water

Photo credit: Huda Beauty

What you will need:

4 Slices of Organic Lemon

4-6 whole Organic Strawberries sliced

Handful of lightly crushed Organic Basil leaves

1 Pitcher of filtered/sparkling water

-          Rich in Vitamin C

-          Boosts collagen production

-          Aids in weight loss

-          Helps to prevent kidney stones


Watermelon Mint Cooler

What you will need:

Quarter of an Organic Watermelon in cubes

4 Slices of Organic Cucumber

Handful of lightly crushed Organic Mint

A pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt

1 Pitcher of filtered/sparkling water

-          Cleanses the system

-          Helps to keep skin clear

-          Enhances hydration levels


Chia-Cider Power Booster

My Morning Elixir

Photo credit: Wholefully.com


What you will need:

1:6 ratio of Chia seeds* to Water

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)

1 squeeze of organic Lemon

*Stir till the chia seeds have formed a gel before drinking up. It’s your healthy version of bubble tea!

-          Improves digestion

-          Regulates blood sugar levels

-          Adds to beneficial gut bacteria

-          Reduces inflammation

To spice things up, you can try creating infused ice cubes instead! Pure pureed fruits and herbs are good options to try out. They will also look pretty in your chilled drinks!

Photo credit: Amazing Grass 

We hope that this short article has helped to inspire you to drink more water and stay healthy. Play around with different herbs, fruits and edible flowers – anything that will get you more excited about reaching for that pitcher of water. Remember that health and beauty starts from the inside out =)

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