5 steps to achieve glowing skin for your next job interview

It is hiring season now thanks to the recent SGUnited grant offered to many companies both big and small in Singapore. If you are busy preparing for your interviews, the last thing you want to do is to turn up with eye bags and stress pimples! Here are some quick tips to follow to ensure that you show up to your interviewer fresh-faced and ready to go. 

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The night before



The work starts the night before! Remember to use a few drops of your favourite facial oil to ensure that your skin is well moisturised through the night, especially if you sleep in an air-conditioned environment. Using a minimally-processed cold-pressed oil that is rich in antioxidants and hydrating properties will help reduce wrinkles and prevent surface water loss as you rest through the night. You can pick from a variety of oils according to your skin type. Try to stick to non-comedogenic oils like argan, safflower or sunflower oil if you have oily/sensitive skin, or go for richer oils like avocado, rosehip or nigella if you have a drier skin type. 

Check out our range of facial oils here. We recommend our best-selling InstaGlow Facial Oil or organic Rosehip oil.


Avoid drinking water 2 hours before bed

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Drinking water is great, but not too close to bedtime. Experts say that drinking too much water just before bed might interrupt your sleep cycle and make you wake up a few times a night to pee. This extends also to drinks such as tea or coffee. In fact, any form of caffeine is highly discouraged after 8pm. Instead, drink that big glass of water just when you wake up to feed your skin with all the moisture it has lost through the night! 


Give yourself a rejuvenating facial


No we are not talking about the torturing type with extractions and overall suffering! We are referring to a lymphatic drainage facial massage, usually done with a beauty tool. This type of facial massage will come in handy to relax your facial muscles and also drain away excess fluids (the dreaded water retention!). We have prepared a simple facial massage technique to be used with the rose quartz facial roller, but you can do this with anything cool like a metal tablespoon or even your fingers! Frequent massaging can even help in contouring of your facial muscles, giving you a lifted, youthful look. 


See the technique here

Purchase the rose quartz facial roller here

It is recommended to incorporate the massage with your favourite serum/facial oil or moisturiser to enhance absorption of all the goodness in your beauty goodies! 


Bring along your midday refreshing mist


Even if you apply moisturiser before you leave the house, your skin will continue to lose its moisture throughout the day.  If you are not yet a convert of face mists, start by bringing out a travel sized bottle with you whenever you are going for an interview! A face mist is very useful to not just hydrate but also cool your skin down (hello Singapore sun!) on scorching hot days and also help to balance out oil production. Make up artists also recommend using them to keep your make up looking fresh! Pick a therapeutic scent like Lavender or Rose when you are about to pop in for an interview - it will help to calm your nerves and mind! 

 Check out our full range of organic face mists here. They are refillable in our beauty kitchen! 


Eat well to be well

How Your Gut Bacteria Can Influence Your Weight

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Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t discuss about what you put into your body along with what you put on it. The state of your skin’s health actually comes down also to what you eat.

The key system to look after is your gut health because 70% of our body's immune system sits within our gut - which is defined (rudely) as anything from your mouth to your bum-hole. It is absolutely crucial to understand how to look after your gut because this extends beyond skin; it affects everything from your overall skin and body health to the underrated mental well-being. How you feel during the interview will be affected by what you have been putting into your body the day before, and even the month before. If you are someone who is addicted to sugar, you will be more prone to lethargy once the sugar high is gone. We encourage you to read our previous post where we have discussed more on this topic. 


We hope that you have found this useful, and wish you all the success in ace-ing that interview! 

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