A hipster guide to Everton Park

By Genesa Tan

We are so excited to show you our 'hood, one that we have called home for the last 5 months! Perhaps some of you have found it strange that we have chosen this tiny space beneath such orange HDBs, but we absolutely love it and would like to share with you an insider's guide to this eclectic enclave. 

From a distance, Everton Park sits unassumingly as nothing more than a cluster of colourful HDB flats near Outram Park MRT. However, some may know it is as “ahhh, the place with the famous ang ku kueh!” and still others may know it as the place with hipster coffee joints. Whether you are into lattes or ang ku kuehs, Everton Park is a hidden gem that is worth spending a weekend afternoon checking out. Be warned however, because these few blocks of flats are somewhat of a secret labyrinth and it’s very easy to get lost!




Nylon Coffee Roasters

For avid coffee fans, Nylon Coffee Roasters is probably already on your list of “Best Coffee Spots in Singapore”. Nylon Coffee does not just serve great coffee but is also a micro coffee roastery.


There is not much sitting area in the café, except for a large communal table. Natural light filters into the space through the floor to ceiling windows, casting a soft warm hue inside the place, which is usually abuzz with people milling about, sipping from their coffee cups. The staff at Nylon often encourage their guests to enjoy their coffee in the cafe, instead of taking it away, and from the crowd, it seems most people prefer to have their coffee there too.

 Little Oasis

Situated just a few shops down from Oasis:skin (a funny coincidence), is another café selling coffee and healthy baked goods. The owners of the café started off as online home bakers. Even now, their cakes are baked in house, with reduced sugar, natural flavours and colourings. Be sure to try their popular chiffon cakes and pound cakes!


This café is a lot quainter than Nylon Coffee and it's a great place to chill with a book in your hand while you enjoy the soft relaxing music playing as you dig into a slice of heaven cake.

Strangers’ Reunion

Located about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Everton Park is Strangers’ Reunion, which hardly needs introduction. It was one of the first few entrants into the café scene and it is still ever so popular today. With an extensive menu that includes all-day brunch fare as well as healthy grain bowls, it’s not surprising that it continues to draw in the crowd.


Their wholesome meals should fuel up your body and soul before you continue on your exploration!

Ji Xiang Confectionery

For a sweet treat after a hearty meal (because we all know there’s stomach space just for dessert), head to Ji Xiang Confectionery, an old-school confectionery selling, ang ku kueh, a traditional Nonya dessert. Peer into the window of the shop and you can see people hard at work, inserting generous amounts of fillings into balls of dough which are then stuffed into ang ku kueh moulds.


For the unacquainted, ang ku kuehs are a type of glossy, oval shaped desserts that each sits atop a piece of banana leaf, and contains fillings such as peanuts, sweet beans and salted beans.

Image result for ji xiang ang ku kueh

this photo was extracted from Wine & Dine


Mister Moustache Barber Shop

Is it really a hipster enclave if there isn’t at least one vintage-styled barber in its midst? Whether you just need your hair cut or your beard sculpted, gentlemen, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a pampering session at Mister Moustache.


Bethel Pottery by Studio MC

Stressed out after a long and hectic work week? Experience the therapeutic effect of pottery and find your inner zen. Enjoy a mindful and relaxing time at Bethel Pottery, as you bend over the pottery wheel and focus on nothing else but moulding the clay in your hands. There is nothing quite like the feeling of creating art with your own hands and bringing it home with you.


Go on a photography trail

Walk a little distance from Everton Park onto Everton Road and Blair Road and you will see rows upon rows of colourful and beautifully preserved 1920s Chinese shophouses. Not known to many, these historic shophouses make for the perfect hipster photography spot, whether you are a professional photographer or an Instagrammer! Keep your eyes peeled for beautifully painted murals on the walls too. Go early to avoid walking under the blistering afternoon sun!



Yip Yew Chong’s old Singapore murals


And back to our Beauty Kitchen!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with oasis, we are a homegrown beauty brand that believes that skincare can be made fresh - like your favourite bakery! We believe in being 100% natural, and never to compromise on the quality of the ingredients used in our products. Our kitchen store is also a refillery so come by with your own jars and bottles to fill them up with our vegan goodness! 

Our ever expanding range of solid shampoos. More to come soon!

If you haven't planned anything for the weekend, why not pop by Everton for the afternoon? We look forward to seeing you around the hood soon!

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