CB Special: Workout Edition

Updated *15th May 2021 - We find ourselves once again in this situation so we have now refreshed this list for all of you who are now looking for gym alternatives! 

So this is it - we are officially into a phase where the "weekend never ends". Never before has "Netflix and chill" been a phrase to shudder at. But look here - you can either wish for this one month of circuit breaker to zoom past (haha!), or get yourself to do things you would never have done pre-covid CB-era. 

We will be doing a series on the different activities you can try out, and who knows, you might just continue to do so after the circuit breaker period is over! 

Now that even trying to clock the 10,000 steps is not possible, here are some of our own tried-and-tested home-based apps/channels that you can try out!

Links to the individual websites are available by clicking on their headers!

Nike Women Goes Mobile | Media Trends Today



Cost: Free to download

What is it: HIIT cardio and strength-building exercises with video instructions. Workouts are targeted to each area of focus, and as short as 5 mins! There are also classes designed by celebrities such as footballer Ronaldo and singer Ellie Goulding (check hers out - they're pretty kick-ass!)





Cost: Free to follow on Youtube 

What is it: Yoga sessions for different levels, even for those with zero knowledge. Plus their instructors are uber hot and will motivate you to work harder! Listen carefully to their step-by-step guide on poses as it is easy to over extend if you get over-zealous.





Cost: Free to follow on Youtube 

What is it: Kick-ass HIIT sessions with loads of bodyweight or weights workouts to choose from. Be prepared to SWEAT. This German girl is such a force because she advocates for strong instead of just losing weight! Her back story is that she used to be anorexic and she has now overcome her struggles with her body image by building up strength instead of just being skinny. LOVE IT GURL 




Cost: Free to follow on Youtube but she has a more comprehensive plan via her website too

What is it: Another one of our personal faves, American sweetie and single mum of 3 - Coach Kel! Her workouts are designed to sculpt your core and lower body with workouts starting from 10 minutes. They are easy to follow and targets those little leg muscles that we usually neglect in our everyday lives! 


Home Train 1


Cost: Online streaming classes starting from $25

What is it: Balletbody was created by two former professional ballet dancers, Alison Carroll and Lisha Chin. Both spent many years performing with the Singapore Dance Theatre and have now transformed their passion for ballet and teaching into a workout that is accessible to everyone. Experience the perfect full body workout by lengthening and sculpting your muscles with ballet dance moves!


Sworkit | 15 Free Fitness Apps to Kick-Start Your Health Journey ...


Cost: Free to download, with a paid option if you require more features.

What is it: Got only 3 minutes to spare before hopping into that shower? No problem! The app allows you to customise the length of your cardio, strength or stretching workout right down to the very minute! If you like that private instructor experience, they also offer scheduled workout programmes according to your fitness level. 


the be.come project ll the zoe report - the become project



Cost: US$35/mth but free for first 10 days

What is it: This body-neutral, love-yourself fitness website founded by Bethany C Meyers (she's a LGBTQ rights activist!) introduces an active 25-minute routine on a weekly basis, with workouts that combine pilates, yoga and dance.

Detoxifying yourself with exercise is a great way to removing toxins and excess waste from your body. It can leave you feeling less sluggish and more energized, and it can help clear up skin and add shine to hair. Now this is the best time for that recharge, especially when you can finally have the chance this one month to go #makeupfree. 



Cost: Free to follow on Youtube and some of your sanity

What is it: This real-life German Barbie doll may seem like a robot, but she's 100% real and super duper fit. She makes all her workouts seem like a breeze when in actuality, most of us will end up cramping halfway through. Just read the comments on youtube. Those of you who are already familiar with Pamela Reif will know that her workouts are tough and very effective for toning up. Try this signature 10 mins abs workout to get a taste of her workout style! 

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