How to delay on the onset of Smile lines

From small wrinkles around our mouths to deeper set lines, smile lines are the unfortunate consequences of our happy moments of laughter and smiles. We are here to discuss why we get them, and the different ways to naturally prevent or smooth out these pesky laugh lines without going under the knife!


Firstly, let’s define what smile lines are. Reach for that mirror and examine your face – smile lines are described as the vertical lines that extend from the sides of your nose to the curve around the mouth. If you don’t see any, congratulations for being 12 years old. Come back here in your 20s or 30s.

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Our cheeks are made of fat pads beneath the skin surface that descend, reduce and shift with time. Smile lines occur when these pads sag due to the natural loss of fat that occurs in the face with age, forming deep nasolabial folds from as early as 25 years old. And although the appearance of smile lines are inevitable, certain lifestyle factors such as weight loss, sun damage and a bad diet can accelerate the process.

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Spoiler alert – you cannot stop this natural process, but a good skincare regime can help to improve overall elasticity to counteract the effects of ageing!



The UV rays from the sun are the quickest way to age your skin, so always remember this step before stepping out of the house! Be sure to look for sunscreens that are formulated with broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher.


Hydration plays a key role in maintaining a healthy skin barrier, and this is crucial in delaying the onset of smile lines and wrinkles. Pick antioxidant-rich skincare such as Rosehip Oil to help to rebuild the skin barrier and ease wrinkles and smile lines. Another key ingredient to look out for is Hyaluronic Acid – which helps to retain water within your tissues and increase skin dewiness. An easy beauty fix will be to mist your face throughout the day with a Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mist to quickly replenish your skin with essential levels of hydration.

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Dermatologists agree that facial massages with a facial roller can help to enhance facial appearance and reduce some visible signs of ageing. A facial roller works to improve blood flow to the face, improve lymphatic drainage and strengthen the facial muscles – resulting in firmer and more toned complexion. The massage also helps to release tension and stress – helping you sleep better at night.

When using a facial roller, pay attention to rolling the stone from the base of your cheeks in light strokes towards your temples. We recommend chilling the roller in the fridge prior to elevate the experience!

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4)      FACE YOGA – the natural alternative to a facelift

Yes it’s a thing! Before you dismiss this with a laugh (watch those lines!), research has actually shown that face yoga may be effective in improving the youthfulness of your face by toning the muscles of the cheeks and face. Touted as a natural facelift, facial yoga exercises relieves tightness that tends to build in your forehead, brows and jaw, and prevent the deepening of smile lines. 

We found 2 fun guides created by Face Yoga Method on combating smile lines!

The Big "O”


  1. Open your mouth by dropping your jaw and make an “O” shape with your mouth by pressing your upper lip area against your teeth.
  2. Feel the smoothening sensation under your eye area. 
  3. Hold this for 10 seconds. 
  4. Repeat 2 more sets. 


“Puffer Fish”


  1. Fill up your mouth with air and close your mouth tight and push the air towards your lips
  2. Move the air to the right
  3. Move the air to the left
  4. Move the air to the upper mouth
  5. Move the air to the lower mouth

During each step, hold the air for 5 seconds. You should feel the resistance on the cheeks, upper mouth and lower mouth.

Whether or not you believe in face yoga, we hope you had fun with those little exercises. We definitely laughed quite a bit while trying them out! If you know of other exercises, please email them to us ( so that we can share them with the community!

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