To 'poo or not to 'poo

The no-poo movement is followed by people who want to forgo the daily use of any commercial shampoo to clean their hair - which they feel strips their locks of its moisture and messes with their scalps' natural oil balance.


It is simply cutting out all shampoos and just using good ol' water to wash your hair! Some methods also advocate for the use of baking soda and apple cider vinegar as a means to balance out the scalp. A quick google search will find many mixed reviews - with some who swear by it, and some swearing after trying it. There have been many brave souls who have embarked on this no-poo journey, and logged down their experience in great detail (perfect for us keyboard lurkers!). Links down below!


We can't stress this enough, but a lot of commercial shampoos are filled with potentially harmful chemicals that will not only dry out your scalp and cause hair loss issues over the long term, but can also affect your health AND the environment at the same time. Therefore, when you cut out the 'poo, you are essentially shaving off the dependence your hair has on these chemicals and letting your scalp regain its natural oil balance. No-poo fans have reported healthier, shinier hair that is also less frizzy. 


If you're curious, why not give it a go? Unless you have a history of skin or scalp issues, you should talk with your doctor or dermatologist before attempting it. Otherwise, nearly anyone can try no poo.

But before you embark on this journey, consider the following to determine if no poo is for you:

Fine/Thin/Oily hair

Skipping shampoo completely might be more difficult because your hair will get oilier faster. Especially in tropical weather. You can try easing into this by using natural alternatives (as we will suggest below) and adjusting its use once you have found a method/recipe that works for your hair. 

Curly or very coarse hair

This is your space! You may reap most benefits of no poo because the natural oils produced by the scalp can make hair smoother and less frizzy.



Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse

The classic ACV Rinse! The vitamins and minerals within this fermented health drink can help restore the pH balance of your hair and its natural shine. It also rinses away buildup from oil, dirt, and hair products that weigh down your hair.

How to do the rinse:

Simply dilute 1 part ACV to 20 parts distilled water into a jug, and use this in lieu of your shampoo. Slowly pour it over your hair and massage it into your scalp. Leave it for 10-15 minutes before washing it off. Continue with a conditioner after. 

Dry Shampoo Powder

These powders are usually made of herbal blends that are very nourishing for the scalp. It can add texture and volume to any hair type, and is especially beneficial for those with oily scalps looking to mattify the grease! However, there are many brands out in the market that are selling formulations that contain toxins that can cause clogging and over-dryness in the scalp. In our research, we even found one (green-washedbrand that contains butane - the gas found in Zippo lighters! Talk about setting your hair ablaze. 

We are currently working on formulating an all-natural herbal dry shampoo. Keep following our instagram to find out when we are ready for launch! 

Using all-natural pH tested shampoos (like ours!) 

Natural shampoos skip all nasties that typically over-strip the protective oils of the scalp, and also enhances hair health and strength. There will be an adjustment period when you make a switch over to an all-natural formulation, so do be patient as your scalp attempts to get back to its natural state. Read more about this transition on our blog post here

Baking Soda - do not use

Having read up on many articles on skin and scalp irritation caused by baking soda, we have decided to warn all of you from using this as a natural remedy. The pH of our scalp is at 5.5, while baking soda is at 9 - which can cause cuticle breakage while drying out your scalp. Due to its abrasive composition, we caution against using baking soda directly on your skin in general. 


Experiment with the suggestions above until you find what works for your hair, then come back and let us know your results! Do share in the comment box below or write to us at 

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