Skintellectuals - How to Cut Through the Hype and Demand Better

You know the drill. Brands flood social media acting like they've got the next holy grail for your skin, but you've been burned one too many times. Those pretty bottles and clever names don't mean squat if what's inside irritates your skin or just doesn't work. We think that it's time to demand better. Let's talk skintellectualism—going back to basics with clean, effective beauty products that make a real difference. Tune out the hype and trust your own skin savvy. You know what your skin needs better than any influencer. Get ready to cut through the noise and take your skin care into your own hands.

What Is Skintellectualism?

Skintellectualism is about knowing what really works for your skin and ignoring the hype. It means doing your research to find clean, effective products that create real results. Rather than buying into flashy marketing and influencer promotions, skintellectuals focus on ingredients, formulations and brands with proven performance and safety standards.

Are you a skintellectual?

Do you ever find yourself more interested in the back of the package than the front?Are you always checking those ingredients lists, looking for anything non-toxic, natural, and cruelty-free?

As a skintellectual, you have the power to see through marketing fluff and choose products that truly make an impact. 

Ingredients analysis

A common habit among skintellectuals is analyzing each ingredient on the product ingredient list to determine if they are clean or suitable. Prominent "beauty geeks" often create comprehensive guides that go viral on social media, aiding cosmetics users in making informed choices. Michelle Wong (@labmuffinbeautyscience), a Sydney-based PhD chemist and science educator, began blogging nearly a decade ago after recognizing a significant lack of reliable information about beauty products amidst a sea of misinformation. Today, she has close to 550k followers on Instagram, where she continues to share her expert insights and debunk myths in the beauty industry.



There are also many independent ingredients screener you can bookmark learn about all the ingredients that are in your personal care products



Think Dirty

Revealing through reviews

When shopping for new skincare products, it's always best to do your homework. Check reviews from real users, not just ads or influencers. See what actual customers say about safety, if it really works, and the long-term effects. Fancy packaging or hype can be a little distracting - but sometimes the best stuff comes in the simplest packaging. Go ahead and check out the reviews we get for all our products - it's the best way to know how real customers feel about them after using them!

Keep it minimal

Focus on sticking to a basic routine that works for you. Cleanse, hydrate, SPF - add other things like serums or masks if you need an extra boost. Keep it simple as much as you can by choosing multi-tasking products which saves you money and time! While new "miracle" things will keep popping up, your skin's health is all about tried-and-true ingredients and consistency. Do the research to understand your skin and stick to a routine if it works for you. Demand real results - not just hype. 

Choose brands that align with your sustainable values, if it matters to you

Slick packaging often masks an unsavoury truth - excessive waste and environmental harm. Don't even get us started on the PR packages that are getting increasingly dramatic to compete for eyeballs on socials. Lauren Curtis, a prominent Australian beauty YouTuber, often speaks out about the overwhelming amount of free packages she receives. She highlights the excessive packaging involved, with products buried under layers of boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and foam inserts. The list seems endless.


In our visually-driven world, it's understandable to crave aesthetically-pleasing products. But never sacrifice substance for style when it comes to what you put on your skin. Look past the hype to ingredients and transparency that truly align with your values - for your complexion and the world around you. Your purchasing power can drive real change.

By becoming skintellectual consumers, we can disrupt the status quo and inspire a new generation of ethical, effective skincare. Our skin and the planet will thank us.

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