Soap nuts for Hand and Body wash

This recipe makes 250ml of hand wash and can be stored up to 1 month

What you will need

125ml of unscented liquid soap base

125ml basic soap nut liquid

10ml Glycerin (optional)

3ml (or 90 drops) Essential oils (optional)

the making

Mix the liquid soap and soap nut liquid in a glass jar

Once they are well mixed, add in the glycerin.

Store in a glass jar or even better a pump bottle.

Suitable for any skin type. Avoid any Eos if you have sensitive skin, or you are using this on children below age 7.

The ingredients

Organic Soap nuts

Organic Essential Oils

Liquid Unscented Soap Base - this is available by refill in our stores. Come by with your bottle or get it filled on the spot with a glass bottle! Starting from just $5/100ml

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