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One of the main gripes about living in Singapore (or anywhere in SE Asia really) is the constant hot weather and high humidity - which allows the bacteria that causes acne and other skin infections to thrive and spread. That is why we are here to shine the spotlight on Tamanu Oil - one of the most reparative vegan ingredients that can activate a #SkinReset on your damaged skin barrier.


The oil is extracted from the seeds of the Tamanu nut tree that grows mostly in Africa, Asia and Pacific countries. 

Tamanu fruit


How is it extracted? Ripe fruits of the Tamanu tree are sun dried for one to two months to allow the oil biosynthesis and accumulation in the nuts. Thereafter, the nuts are selected for de-shelling and cold pressed to extract the oil. In its purest virgin form, Tamanu oil has a dark green colour and a deep, TCM-ish herbal aroma to it.



Let's get sciency, shall we? 

Heals Scars: According to numerous laboratory studies, Tamanu oil accelerates wound-healing and skin regeneration properties. In this particular study, it was found that the application of this oil accelerated wound healing and was effective as an antimicrobial agent on lab-controlled cell and bacteria cultures.


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Anti-acne: Many studies have shown that Tamanu is effective against both p. acnes and p.granulosum—the bacteria associated with causing acne. (Read a recent study done in 2018 here) 


Repair Skin Barrier: The oil composition contains 40% Omega-6 and 30% Omega-9 which helps to both hydrate and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Let's take a closer look at each fatty acid and its properties. 


Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid) - Rebuild and maintain the skin’s barrier function. Research has shown that acne sufferers have a lower concentration of linoleic acid on their skin's surface, which could be contributing to their clogged pores. 

Omega-9 (Oleic Acid) - Soothes inflammation and maintains skin elasticity and moisture levels. 


Has anti-inflammatory benefits: Calophyllolidem, one of the main components of this oil has been well-researched for delivering anti-inflammatory effects similar to that of hydrocortisone.



People with a dry and irritated skin type will benefit from the use of Tamanu oil. Due to its high concentration of Oleic Acid, Tamanu oil has a comedogenic scale of 2 (out of 5), which means that it has the possibility of clogging the pores of some, but not all. This means that if you are acne-prone and want to benefit from the antimicrobial properties of this oil, it is recommended to use a blended facial oil that has a combination of Tamanu Oil and other Linoleic Acid-rich oils like Argan, Rose Hip and Grape Seed Oil. 

To fully understand what the comedogenic scale is and how it can affect you, check out our post on Facial Oils




This long lasting facial bar uses the powerful cleansing properties of Activated Charcoal and Tamanu oil to detoxify your skin of impurities and help control acne. The combined astringent properties of Peppermint + Tea Tree also helps to minimize the appearance of pores.

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A plant-based alternative to retinols, this anti-pigmentation and anti-acne serum with 1% Bakuchiol extract and organic Tamanu Oil works to reduce dark spots, heal acne and refine skin texture in 30 days!  

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DIY skincare aficionados - Get the oil in its virgin form and use it on its own, or blend it with your other favourite carrier and essential oils! Drop by our store at Joo Chiat if you wish to use your own bottle. 

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