The Journey of making the switch to Solid Shampoos

So you have heard of this trend. You have read all about the benefits and might have bought one (maybe even from us!) to try. You are probably wondering what to expect, and whether or not it is worth all its hype. Let us demystify and guide you on what to expect when you make this switch. 


It's basically a soap for your hair! It's zero-wastebiodegradable and most out there in the market are 100% natural. You simply rub it onto your scalp and hair, and lather up a storm.

Shampoo bars are formulated differently from body soaps, and usually contain more lathering agents like SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate - which we have to cover on sometime!), or like how we make them, with natural alternatives to SLS! We do want to highlight the different formulations out there in the market - some shampoo bars contain ingredients similar to body soaps, which can be drying to your scalp. A quick way to tell - squeaky clean hair after washing. If it squeaks, it's probably more suitable for your body! Another easy way to tell is if you look like you just stepped out of a cave. 


There will be a period for your scalp and hair to get adjusted to a solid shampoo. 

1 - 7 days: Your scalp might experience a change in the amount of oil it produces. It could get dry (when you normally have oily hair) and vice versa. You might even feel that your hair seems heavier than normal. Use this time to adjust how much shampoo you need per wash. Some hair fall is expected, as the ingredients within these solid shampoos work to flush out the toxins and build up from the environment and other hair products that you have previously used. You can avoid using it on your scalp if you are worried, and just use it on the mid section and ends of your hair. 

8-20 days: By now, your hair should have adjusted more and your hair will start to feel lighter and healthier. Depending on the type of herbs and essential oils in the shampoo, your hair should also start to experience some positive changes, with a natural looking shine

21 days and beyond: If you are not a convert by now, we are pretty sure you cannot go back to those strongly-scented, chemical-laden shampoos from the drugstore. There is something irreversible about using natural products, and the enjoyment of the aromas from raw earth. 

Everybody's hair reacts differently to nature, and with every transition, some time needs to be invested to reap its full benefits. However, stop completely if you experience any stinging sensations or itchiness. Take note of the ingredients so that you can avoid them for your future choices. Remember that you can still be allergic to certain ingredients in a 100% natural product! 


Our shampoos are handmade with Organic Mango Butter, Clays and surfactants (the stuff that offers you a great lather!) derived from Coconut Oil. It works to remove dirt, oil and bacteria from your hair, and even beneath your roots. Depending on your hair type, you might not even require a conditioner after because it is already rich in nourishing vegan oils. 

Shop here to see the different types of shampoos we offer! 

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