Try this solid conditioner hack!

If you have been using our solid conditioner (or any solid conditioner) for a while, you will unwittingly be ending up with this situation: having a thin slice of conditioner that you have been trying very hard to use to the very end of its life. You might even have dropped it on the floor again and again in your determination to use it! Before you proceed to dump it into the dustbin and lament the fact that you have to throw away a dollar's worth of good conditioner, we urge you to try out this conditioner hack that we have tested out ourselves!

To find out how to get from solid to creamy liquid conditioner, read on! 



1) Leftover conditioner

2) A clean pair of scissors

3) A mixing bowl/cup

4) A spoon/whisk to beat and mash the blend

5) A kettle (to prepare some hot water)

Step 1:

Cut the conditioner into thin slices. You can also shave it down with a grater if you have one on hand. 

The thinner, the easier it is to melt it later

Step 2:

Place the shavings into the bowl. Boil a small volume of water at the same time. 

The volume needed depends on the amount of conditioner you have. But usually you should not require any more than 1-2 tablespoons if you are melting down leftover conditioner. 

Step 3: 

Carefully pour the boiled water into the bowl and start to stir fast to melt the conditioner down. Start with 1 teaspoon and slowly increase along the way. Continue beating it, occasionally mashing any remaining conditioner lumps to ensure that the blend becomes smooth. Once you attain a rather homogeneous mix, let the blend rest and cool down for an hour. 

You should by now feel that you are giving yourself a pretty awesome bicep exercise. Remember to switch arms to ensure an even muscle tone on both sides.


What the mixture should look like 


Step 4:

Check the blend after an hour or two. You should now see a thicker mixture. If you like the texture, you may proceed to use it for your next shower. Otherwise, for a lighter consistency, you may add normal room temperature water slowly to liquidify the conditioner further. Remember to go slow because you don't want to end up with a soup-like consistency! 

We have summarised it here:

Gold: Porridge texture

Fail: Soup texture

Note: Even if you do end up with a conditioner soup, don't worry, it is your first time and it is usable! Go ahead and use it in the shower. You will find that it works just as well! And congrats, you have now made your very own liquid conditioner =)  

To make it creamier, add in aloe vera gel or plant-based glycerin to amp up the moisture level of the conditioner.

As this is a product mixed in with liquid, you should not keep it any longer than 1 week. All liquid-based products require a preservative otherwise it will turn moldy or oxidize really quickly! 

Remember that this works for just about any solid beauty product you have so go ahead and use it to its end! 

If you have any ideas on any additions to improve the conditioner, please leave your comments below and share them with us and everyone! 

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