What is a Vegan Beauty Kitchen?

We thought you might ask - what is so special about this kitchen? Isn't it just another shop selling stuff that you want but don't need? 

Since we are embarking on this journey, I feel that it is important that we communicate the purpose of us opening this space, which functions not just as a shop to showcase the brand, but also to offer up an experience that is uniquely oasis. 


To put simply, we want to showcase a Din Tai Fung-like experience to your beauty shopping! When you enter DTF, your eyes are immediately drawn to the big glass window where you can watch all the action of the making of the xiao long baos. You see the craftsmanship, the freshness, the ingredients. That is what we want to achieve. That is why our island forms the focal point of the space. This is where our products will be made - fresh, with well-sourced ingredients and crafted by hand.


Our supermarkets are filled with fresh food and produce. Now imagine them being filled only with canned food that are loaded with preservatives to make them last for years on shelves. This is actually the case for most non-natural skincare right now. They are made to last for years, with preservatives so strong, it is hard to imagine that they can be beneficial to your skin. But hey, at least the packaging is cute right? 

We want people to rethink the products they use on their skin. Fresh is possible, in our specialized beauty kitchen. Our products are made in small batches, to control not just its quality, but also to ensure that the bottle you hold in your hand has been made as close to the date of purchase as possible. It's a lot of work, but we know it is worth it. 


Buy only what you need, and bring along your own jars, bottles and bags!

> Clay Mask

For the first time ever, we are selling our clay masks by weight! So bring along your jars or ziplock bags. We also offer Kraft bags at a nominal fee. 

> Face Mists & Serums

Bought our mists or oils before and want a refill? We will give you 10% off your refill! Just make sure you wash them as cleanly as you can before bringing it down, and we will sterilise your bottle in our kitchen before refilling it. We will need around an hour for this, so you also have the option of coming back to collect it another time! As we have not tested how crowded it can get in the store, we might need more time for the refill and we ask for your patience! 


Now this is the fun part. Ask us for a free facial massage using our award-winning Rose Quartz Facial Roller, or try a clay mask facial. We can't wait for you to try them out! We are offering free organic tea all day in store as well. Come chill with us! 

Come and visit us at 3 Everton Park #01-73. We are facing Neil Road and right in front of the bus stop. The nearest MRT is Outram Park Station, exit at the Cantonment Police Station. 

Our opening hours
Wed - Fri 12am - 3pm
Saturday 12 - 6pm
Sunday 12 - 5pm








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