About our founder


Hi my name is Hildra, and I am the founder and chief beauty chef of OASIS:!

I am glad that you are here to explore our products which are made for anyone who wishes to have a fully natural and more sustainable beauty routine. Our products are handmade in our Beauty Kitchen – fashioned that way because it is an actual production kitchen where our products are made fresh weekly, and very often daily. We are here to promote a low-waste way of living, where packaging can be reduced and chemicals eliminated! 

I’ve always struggled with skin conditions, from childhood eczema to teenage acne. Both returned with a vengeance when I entered my 30s; I’d get red, angry breakouts. I tried everything from taking antibiotics and applying steroid creams to overpriced bi-weekly facials – nothing worked for the long term. Having tried virtually every chemical I could get my hands on, I decided to give natural remedies a try.

Inspired by the natural skincare books my husband got me for my birthday a few years back, I started to conduct online research and sourced for ingredients to experiment on. There’s actually a lot of free research content around the efficacy of natural ingredients so I felt reassured this would not just be some hippy-dippy project.

After countless rounds of self-experimentation, my skin is looking healthier than ever before and it gave me the confidence to start OASIS. I want to showcase how skincare and personal care products can be made with wholesome, natural ingredients and be efficacious at the same time!

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