About our founder


Hi my name is Hildra, and I am the founder and chief beauty chef of OASIS:!

I am glad that you are here to explore our products which are made for anyone who wishes to have a fully natural and more sustainable beauty routine. Our products are handmade in our Beauty Kitchen – fashioned that way because it is an actual production kitchen where our products are made fresh weekly, and very often daily. We are here to promote a low-waste way of living, where packaging can be reduced and chemicals eliminated! 

I was personally riddled with skin issues that made me turn to antibiotics and steroid creams — neither of which allowed my skin to cope on its own. I made my first batch of skincare for myself, and now I make it for anyone who also wants to cut off that toxic relationship with dermatologists and medicinal reliance. 

You can read more about my personal story in this unfiltered blog post here

The products that are made in our Beauty Kitchen are made to be minimal and fuss-free - to offer you calm, glowing and happy skin. Fully powered by plants. 

Catch me on this episode of Into the Vault 2 on Channel News Asia On Demand ;)