Cetyl Alcohol

What is it It is a fatty alcohol that is naturally derived from Coconut oil

Why we love it It acts as an emollient, which aids in softening and smoothening skin and hair, and retains moisture. This fatty alcohol also provides more foam and an easy application of the product onto the scalp, hair and skin. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel reported no significant toxicity to this ingredient. EWG has also listed cetyl alcohol to be non toxic with low risks of allergenic reactions. More here

This is not the same as rubbing alcohol, or alcohol denat. Cetyl alcohol is a skin-friendly ingredient with hydrating, conditioning, and softening properties that benefits both skin and hair. 


This ingredient is found in these products:

Solid Shampoo

Solid Conditioner

2-faced Shampoo + Conditioner Cube