Founded by sisters Dr. Chrystle and Catherine Cu, Cocofloss is a brand to make flossing fun. Cocofloss is a cruelty-free floss brand designed with the idea that flossing doesn't have to be a hassle. Available in a fun variety of flavours—Delicious Mint, Pure Strawberry, Fresh Coconut, and more. The floss is crafted with coconut oil, fruit oils, and vegan wax and offers refills in compostable packaging. It's made of strong and flexible materials so you're sure to get a solid scrub in even the tightest spots.  

As a dentist, Dr. Chrystle Cu has seen her fair share of gum disease, bleeding gums and more. She says it could be prevented if they increased their flossing. "Gum disease was just so prevalent, most of my patients had some level of gum disease that also could be addressed with flossing so it all just came back to flossing and I just kind of became obsessed with floss."

Realizing she didn't even have a favorite floss brand of her own, Chrystle shared her frustrations with her sister, Catherine. Together, the duo dreamed up Cocofloss, a brand that makes flossing fun.