How does the subscription plan work?

If you love our products and don't want to risk running out on your beauty supplies, subscribe to them! Here is how it works:

On each product page, there is a subscription option (right beneath one-time purchase) where you can pick your choice of product and desired frequency of re-purchase in number of weeks. And yes there is a 10% discount on all subscriptions! 

Once you have placed your subscription order, there will be an automatic purchase of the product according to the frequency you have chosen. You will have to select your mode of delivery (self-collect or courier) at checkout. 





1) Change of product within the same category

Swapping for flavours within the same category is possible! For eg, you can swap between the different solid shampoos every month, as long as they are within the same price, or simply top up the difference. You can also change the size/volume of the product. 


2) Pausing or cancelling the subscription

You can pause or cancel anytime, subject to a minimum of 2 orders (initial + 1 re-purchase). 


3) Changing the subscription frequency 

You can change the frequency anytime, from 1 to 12 weeks. 


4) Changing the mode of delivery

Thinking of coming by the store to collect instead of paying for delivery? You can! Just login to your account and change the mode of delivery anytime!


Access our list of products that are available for subscription here


To summarise, you can simply login to your account and manage your subscriptions from there! If there are any questions or adhoc requests that we have not answered here, please drop us an email at and we will get back to you!