We consider our space a beauty kitchen more than a store because this is where we handcraft our beauty products fresh in Singapore, just like a bakery! Our organic skincare products are made fresh several few times a week by our Founder & Beauty Chef, Hildra. That is why the kitchen island forms the focal point of our store. Plus, every ingredient we add to our creation is rich in plant actives, and offers a multitude of skin benefits. No fillers, zero chemicals. Find out more about our concept here

We are also the sole distributor in Singapore for the following French brands:

Savonnerie Fer a Cheval


As much as possible, we try to source directly from farms and distilleries. We work with selected artisanal producers who systematically perform microbiological testing on all batches of their extraction to ensure its purity and effectiveness. Traceability is important when we want to deliver a quality product to you. 95% of our ingredients are sourced directly from France, which has very strict laws guiding skincare companies. As animal lovers, we are also conscious about not importing ingredients from labs that do any form of animal testing. 

Our product formulations are targeted for sensitive skin types, and therefore only use food-grade ingredients that are very gentle and non-irritating. They are suitable for all skins, even for babies. We also offer some fragrance-free options. However, do conduct a patch test prior to using the products. We all develop new allergies throughout different stages of our lives so it is useful to check the suitability of any new product we introduce to our skin care regime.

It varies from 6 months (face mist) to 2 years (soaps, masks). The goodness of an all-natural product also means that it is extremely delicate to the natural environment. Think exposed fruit juice on your table for months. Hence, we use an all-natural preservative in our face mists and natural antioxidants in our facial oils to protect against microbial activities, mould and fungi. The essential oils that we use in our products also add a layer of protection against spoilage. 

Here is a quick guide:

Face Mist: 3-6 months

To prolong the shelf life of your face mist, we advise for you to store it in the fridge.

Facial Oil/Facial & Hair Serum: 1 year

Balm/Deodorant: 1 year

Clay Mask/Dry Shampoo: 2 years

Solid Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap: 2 years

We also conscientiously use opaque containers for all our products to protect the contents from oxidation. 

Don't worry it is very easy to transition to one! Simply wet your hair in the shower and rub the shampoo directly onto your scalp in circles. You can continue lathering up till you have sufficiently massaged it evenly through your scalp and proceed to wash it out after. The focus should always be on your scalp as this is where the build-up of grime and styling product happens! To prevent melting, invest in a good soap dish to ensure that it dries properly in between uses. 

We use a probiotic-based mixture in our face mists that provides full spectrum protection in our products to guard against bacteria, mould and fungi. Using modern fermentation and bio-processing technology, a novel antimicrobial peptide is extracted from leuconostoc kimchii – responsible for the preservation of the Korean kimchi. 

Besides protecting the ingredients in the bottle, the living probiotic nutrients will also be able to penetrate deep into the dermal layers of your skin and keep your face looking supple, alive and absolutely glowing.

If you are looking for a convenient way to replenish essentials at home, we are offering an easy solution for you to subscribe to your favourite OASIS: products and have them delivered to you at your chosen frequency of 1 week to 3 months!

We have a full write-up on this. Please click here to find out more!

Yes! Visit our Beauty Kitchen located at 315 Outram Road #15-04 Singapore 169074. Check this page for the full address and opening hours! As our beauty kitchen is also a refillery, please bring along your empties to buy our liquid products by weight! 

Yes we do and we are happy to customise to your preference and group size! We also collaborate with other brands from time to time in organising free workshops to the public. Drop us an email at contact@oasis-skin.com to find out more. 

Store in a dark, dry location. If possible, store it in the fridge to protect the natural ingredients in the bottle. 

We offer our clay masks in its natural state to avoid the need to use harmful chemicals to preserve the products. Longer shelf life is also another big plus. But we do advise for you to keep your oasis mask in the fridge to maintain its freshness. 

Shipping within Singapore is free above a minimum order of $60. All other orders are based on weight and shipped within 3-4 days. We also ship internationally. Shipping charges are automatically calculated at checkout. 

Yes we do! We would love to customise your order to suit the occasion. Please drop us an email at contact@oasis-skin.com or give us a shout out on our instagram page. We are also open to corporate and wedding orders. Some of our past partners include the Singapore Tourism Board, Kate Spade, Timberland and HSBC Insurance.