Beauty Kitchen

Simple and thoughtful pleasures, everyday. 

Freshly made skincare, aromatherapy baths, clean home. We want you to have that and more.  We start with real ingredients and sometimes swerve in wildly decadent directions. Every ingredient we add to our creation is rich in plant actives, and offers a multitude of skin benefits. No fillers, zero chemicals.We believe in the importance of being good to your body and the environment. 


Connected to the environment

Being a plant-based brand, we feel closely connected to the natural environment. We’re very conscious of our impact on the environment. At the start, our packaging was fully glass. But we evolved to allow for the refilling of products o reduce single-use waste. Embrace this by visiting our stores to get your favourite OASIS products refilled over and over again!

100% Recycled Packaging Policy

We like shopping online, but it leads to lots of packaging waste. We are here to change that. That is why you will receive recycled boxes in all shapes and sizes whenever you place an order from our online store! Since 2020, we have adopted a 100% recycled packaging policy to reduce single-use wastage generated by e-commerce industry and all the boxes and packaging material that we reuse are donated by customers and the general community. The impact is collective – we are only able to achieve this with the support of everyone! 

We know that it is hard to adopt sustainable habits, and we are here to craft products that aim to eliminate single-use waste at home without compromising on the quality of experience. 

Come visit us 7 days a week.

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