Sodium Coco Sulfate

What is it It is a biodegradable surfactant powder derived from a blend of fatty acids from Coconut Oil. 

Why we love it It is a safe and non-toxic cleansing ingredient that effectively lifts off dirt and toxins from the scalp/skin. From our tests, we noticed that it has a stronger cleansing ability than the other surfactants that we use, which also means that it is drying if used on its own. Therefore, we use this in a smaller concentration in our formula to provide a well balanced cleansing shampoo that will not dry out the scalp or hair. It also enhances lather. EWG has rated this ingredient as safe for use in cosmetics and not harmful to the environmental. More here

Do note that this ingredient is not the same as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. SCS has a more complex molecular structure which has a much greater molecular mass.  This prevents it from penetrating the epidermis, and means that it has far less irritancy as it cannot reach the living cells under the skin surface.

This ingredient is found the following products:

Solid Shampoos

2-Faced Shampoo + Conditioner Cube