Virtual Workshop: Flower infusion cream mask


Phase A1:

Transfer the Olive Emulsifier and Soy wax into a bowl

Transfer flowers into another bowl with volume as indicated

Submerge both bowls halfway in a larger pot of water placed on medium heat


Phase A2:

Once the Olive Emulsifier and Soy wax are fully melted, add the Safflower oil and blend well

Lower the heat on the big pot and let both bowls simmer


Phase B:

Turn off the heat and carefully remove both bowls from the pot.

Transfer the tea into the cream bowl and stir slowly for 3 minutes.

After that, let it emulsify for a few minutes while you prepare a cold bath to accelerate the cooling.

Let the emulsifying bowl sit in the cold bath for another minute.


Final Phase:

Add the oats into the mixture, stirring slowly.


Transfer the finished product into your glass jar. You’re made your own face mask!


The kit contains:

50ml Glass Jar

Plant-based preservative

10ml Organic Safflower Oil

Organic Blue Pea/Hibiscus Flowers

Olive-based Emulsifier

Soy wax

Organic Oatmeal infused in Lemongrass Oil

Label (to label your jar after!)


What you need to prepare:

A beaker/measuring cup/table & teaspoon

2 medium sized heat-safe bowls

1 large pan/shallow pot (to submerge the bowls)

2 Stirrers/Spoons

Thick cloth (to assist you in taking the bowls out of the pan/pot)

Additional big bowl (for cold water bath)