Degreasing Dishwashing Liquid

Featuring the original black soap recipe, this dishwashing liquid will effectively degrease, clean and shine your pots, plates and cutlery - while staying ultra gentle on your hands. We recommend the use of essential oils if you are not used to the natural scent of black soap! Our recipe calls for Lemon, but you can replace it with any Citrus or Mint oils. For sensitive hands, we recommend to swap lemon for Lavender, or to skip any scent altogether. 

Total cost of recipe (excluding bottle):

$0.80 (without essential oil)

$2.30 (with essential oil)

What you will need

1 tablespoon of Black soap

1 tablespoon of Washing soda

500ml of hot water

1 large measuring bowl (preferably one with a pouring spout)

1 pump bottle (glass if possible)

Optional: 15-20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

The making

1. Mix the black soap and washing soda in well in the bowl with the hot water

2. Leave the solution to cool for 15 mins and add the essential oils. Stir well again and pour into your bottle.

This dishwashing liquid can be stored for up to 6 months. 

The ingredients

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Black soap

Washing soda

Lemon essential oil

Hand pump bottle