Rose Quartz: How to tell the real from the fakes

With so many out Rose Quartz rollers of varying prices out there in the market, how can one tell if they’re buying the real deal?



The common fakes are made of plastic or glass, and these are some features to look out for when you’re shopping for one! 



Weight: Heavy 


Rose Quartz should feel relatively heavier than a similar sized piece of plastic or glass.


Appearance: Irregularities 


The natural stone will have irregular striations (cracks and fissures) and colour distribution. It should also have naturally occurring white streaks dispersed throughout the stone.


Glass or plastic made to look like Rose Quartz will have uniformity in colour or glass bubbles within. Hold the roller up to light and look closely for such features. If it looks too perfect, it’s probably fake.


Temperature: Cool


Real Rose Quartz will be cool to the touch, even in room temperature. 


Just a quick cheat tip if you don’t get a chance to examine the roller for yourself - if it’s too cheap, it’s probably fake! 



Hope this quick post helped to shed some light! 



Happy glow-rolling people!

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