Discover our ingredients

Our ingredients are laid out bare where you can see every element that goes into your skincare treatment. No more long and confusing chemical names that we can’t pronounce, let alone understand.

No parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or colouring. As animal lovers, we have also made a conscious decision not to work with producers who test on animals.

This is at the core of our ethos and we will not compromise on this.

The foundation of our Mists: Organic Hydrosols from French Artisans

Our mists are made of liquids (also known as hydrosols or floral waters) extracted from cold-pressing or steam distillation of organically grown floral and medicinal plant material. The process is slow and done in small batches. We choose to work with selected artisanal French distillers who systematically perform microbiological testing on all batches of their extraction to ensure its purity and effectiveness. We carefully screen through all their processes right from the laboratory distillation of the plants to the bottling. All these measures will help ensure that an excellent end-product is delivered to you.

Botanical extracts

Botanical extracts are bio-harnessed using technology from plants, flowers, fruits and roots. Every ingredient that we put in our products is 100% plant-derived and chosen for its therapeutic skin benefits. Each extract comes with individual certificates of analysis, containing detailed data about its physical and chemical properties, dermatological benefits and laboratory tests done to ascertain its quality.


Mineral-rich clays have been used in beauty care for centuries, and are present in almost all traditional beauty regimens. They exfoliate, cleanse and invigorate the skin. Clay possesses the ability to absorb and draw out excess oils, dirt and impurities from the skin, making it one of the best ways to detoxify your skin naturally.

Our clays are carefully sourced from its best natural environments, mined by quarries that abide by strict production and sustainability standards. We encourage you to discover the best clay therapy for your skin as the foundation of your all-natural skin cleansing programme.

We also choose to offer our masks in its pure clay form as it has a longer shelf life, and there is no need for any harmful chemicals to preserve it. 

Plant-based Preservative (in our Mists)

Liquid is extremely prone to contamination. Hence, we use a probiotic-based mixture that provides full spectrum protection in our facial mists to guard against bacteria, mould and fungi. Using modern fermentation and bio-processing technology, a novel antimicrobial peptide is extracted from leuconostoc kimchii – responsible for the preservation of the Korean kimchi. 

Besides protecting the ingredients in the bottle, the living probiotic nutrients will also be able to penetrate deep into the dermal layers of your skin and keep your face looking supple, alive and absolutely glowing.

This preservative is on the Whole Foods and Ecocert approved list of preservatives.