Our Pilot Pet Shampoo Project

black dog with white collar

Being animal lovers, we wanted to handcraft a shampoo specially for our furry fam! There were several factors we looked into in our creation process:

1) Gentle on skin, preferably reducing itchiness and infections

2) Soften fur and make brushing easier

3) Leave behind a soft, clean scent 

4) Help regrow lost fur/hair

5) Create a calm, soothing spa-like bath experience for the pet (and the owner!)

brown and white tabby cat


We reached out on our instagram (@oasisbeautykitchen) for volunteers to take part in our pilot project, and have recorded our findings here. Our test group was deliberately mixed with both cats and dogs that had various fur/hair types - from straight and long (pomeranian) to coily (poodles). Our goal was to ensure that the pet shampoo will be suitable for most if not all pets of varying fur and skin conditions. 



The results:

WHISKEY the Miniature Schnauzer

"The scent is great! Didn't irritate Whiskey's skin at all even with repeated use. The shower was faster than usual as it was easy to rinse off the suds!" 

- Jonas

Fur: Curly

Skin condition: Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome (a form of atopic dermatitis)

Frequency of shower: Once a week with an alternate use of medicated shampoos every fortnight

Rated texture, odour and skin condition at 5/5, ease of brushing and durability of shampoo at 4/5 and coat shine at 3/5. 


COOKIEE the Toy Poodle

"She has very sensitive, flaky skin. I can see the redness of her skin is lesser and she feels comfortable after her bath. When I unwrapped it (shampoo) in the bathroom, she went to lick it!"

- Faith

Fur: Wavy + Curly

Skin condition: Sensitive, flaky skin. Prone to itchiness and patches of baldness from biting.

Frequency of shower: 1-2 times a week

Rated ease of brushing at 5/5, odour, skin condition and durability at 4/5, texture at 3/5 and coat shine at 2/5. 


JACK the Cockapoodle

"He is constantly chewing his paws. Since we've used the shampoo, there has been no paw chewing!"

- Joel

Fur: Curly

Skin condition: Itchy with odour

Rated texture, odour and ease of brushing at 5/5, coat shine and skin condition at 4/5 and durability of shampoo at 3/5.


CHOMP CHOMP the Bichon Frise

"We noticed he itch a lot even after he showered with other shampoos. Today we tried him on your soap and he didn't itch or scratch after he showered. A good sign."


Fur: Coily

Skin condition: Prone to itching and irritation

Rated skin condition at 5/5, odour at 4/5, texture at 3/5, ease of brushing and coat shine at 2/5. 


SUMMER the Toy Poodle

"Still in awe of how soft her hair is even after a week, and without conditioner! Her hair is softer than mine!"

- Sheena

Fur: Coily

Skin condition: Severely matted fur with dry patches around the ears

Rated 20/5 for texture, ease of brushing, skin condition and durability of shampoo at 5/5, odour and coat shine at 4/5. 


TEDDY the Persian Cat

"He thought the shampoo was a new toy! His fur was clean and fresh after, but he didn't like the block of soap rubbing his body."

- Lara

Fur: Straight on the back. Curly on the belly

Skin condition: Sheds a lot. Dry fur but greases easily due to excessive self-grooming

Rated texture, ease of brushing, odour, skin condition and durability at 5/5, coat shine at 3.5/5. 


GRAMMY the Shiba Inu

"She has a yeast infection which is very common amongst Shiba Inus. She has been taking apoquel everyday. If she stops the medication, the condition of her skin will be way worse. Her skin is still irritated and red (after the shampoo) but it has improved after bathing her for 2 times!"

- Andrea

Fur: Straight

Skin condition: Raw, itchy with black patches of skin

Rated texture, ease of brushing and odour at 5/5, durability of shampoo at 3/5 and coat shine at 1/5. 


SIMBA the Domestic Shorthair Ginger

"I love that it wasn't drying on the fur and he still retains a bit of gloss and a smooth coat. Smell was lovely too."

- Julie

Fur: Straight

Skin condition: Badly bitten by fleas previously, with his neck being the worst hit area.

Rated durability at 5/5, odour and texture at 4/5, coat shine at 3.5/5, ease of brushing and skin condition at 3/5. 


JACQUES the Bengal 

"He looks clean and healthy with a shiny coat. Even a little fluffier!"

- Philippe

Fur: Short, fine

Skin condition: No particular issues except itchiness around his ears

Rated texture, odour, coat shine, ease of brushing and skin condition at 5/5, durability at 4/5. 


RAGNAR the Singapore Special

"I haven't had to use his skin cream after his bath because he doesn't itch as much with your product. His fur when dry was so soft, we couldn't stop touching him."

- Umadevi

Fur: Straight and fine.

Skin condition: Dry skin that leads to him scratching and biting his fur off. He needs daily medication to control his itch. 

Rated ease of brushing, odour, skin condition and durability at 5/5, texture and coat shine at 3/5. 


BAOBEI the Bombay cat

"Since the use of oasis pet shampoo, her skin has finally shown signs of growth and thickening. She only grooms herself 1-2 times daily. A significant decrease."

- Lydia

Fur: Straight

Skin condition: Heavy balding on her belly 

Rated texture, coat shine, skin condition, odour, durability and ease of brushing at 5/5.


DAN DAN the BeagleXHusky

"It was a little challenging to lather the soap in the beginning. Her fur is softer but I noticed that she got smelly quite easily compared to previous showers."

- Ying Xuan

Fur: Thick and multi-coated, similar to a husky

Skin condition: Flaky skin with white flakes during grooming 

Rated ease of brushing at 5/5, texture and durability at 4/5, coat shine, odour and skin condition at 3/5. 


We are still in the midst of collecting data from more pets and will update them in due time. Please drop us an email if you wish to contribute feedback to help us improve on the shampoo. Our goal ultimately is to make safe, healthy products for all of our beloved furkids and we need all of your contributions to make that happen! 

Pls email us at contact@oasisbeautykitchen.com